Best Podcast of the Week (7/15/2019)

I am not drinking now (actually anymore). I am stronger, more athletic, and in better control of my life. It started because of my food allergies and now I am thrilled with the results!The Best Podcast of the Week goes to Melissa Urban’s Do the Thing episode Still Not Drinking Right Now + Judgement Backpack.

Show Notes:

In this two-part episode, Melissa (she/her) gives an update on her ten-month “I’m not drinking right now” experiment, sharing all of the surprising ways that not drinking alcohol has positively impacted her life, and why she’s still not calling herself “sober.” She also explores part two of the “judgment” discussion from Episode 10, providing a framework to help you see other people’s judgment in a different way, and teaching you how to drop it for good.


Inbox Zero

For a while, I have been trying to get to inbox zero since I KonMari’d my physical stuff last summer. Today I officially achieved inbox zero at work and it is shocking not to see a single email. Outlook literally tellsme “We didn’t find anything to show here” in my inbox.

It is a very weird feeling. Does that mean I have nothing pending? Does that mean I will never have something pending? Am I really caught up? Is something going to blow up? OMG am I going to have the “talk with the boss”? Or is my mind just going down one of those spirals that is completely unproductive and unhealthy?

I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, I am going to wrap up some work before I go home and relax.

What Do You Do?

You meet someone new and to break the ice they ask “What do you do?”. I am not sure about you but that question gets on my last nerve. Do I respond as expected with my job title? Or could I respond with the following:

I am passionate about running, spending time with my family, and reading. How about you?

Or. Oh you know. Being a total badass everyday. How about you?

Maybe a better question to ask would be what has been keeping you busy lately.

But if I want the conversation to be quick I say I deal with numbers all day. Most people glaze over and walk away. 😆

How do you get a conversation started?


For years I made excuses why borrowing library books would not work for me. In no particular order, here are the excuses.

  • The books are all old and nothing new is available.
  • I can’t possible finish a book before it is due back.
  • I can only get books from one library or I would have to drive all over.

Here are the truths.

  • Libraries are adding new books including best sellers within days of release all of the time.
  • Libraries give you two to three weeks and if you need more you can renew them (online!).
  • If your library is part of a county or larger group, you can request books to be delivered to your local library.

And with that I just saved you money, help you support your local library, and you won’t have to worry about going back to Marie Kondo’s book category again!

As the Saying Goes…

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I could get on board with that saying sometimes. Can’t use a shovel? Sure someone else could use it! Can’t use plastic storage tubs? Sure someone else could use it! Cleaned out your home and found that you have 100 extra spatulas? Sure a bunch of people could use them!

Let’s talk about trash that is not treasure.

This is trash! Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, gum wrappers, and chip bags are all trash! Collected these items along this trail today as well as kept our trash in this bag.

Where does trash belong? Not here. Not in nature. Not for others to pick up after you. If you don’t want to carry it on your hike, don’t bring it!










Digital Minimalism Update

Since reading part of Cal Newport’s book titled Digital Minimalism, things have changed around here. I no longer have a beep, buzz, or any other noise for texts, emails, or anything besides phone calls. Except for my husband. I know when I receive a text from him.

I mean how am I supposed to read a book when my phone makes all of those sounds and I think to myself “oh my gosh, someone is hanging off a cliff and they need help!” But seriously, no text or email has even been close to that serious.

One friend inparticular took issue with the idea that she was not an exception. Saying she got really annoyed might be an understatement. She didn’t talk to me for two weeks. I held firm to my decision and reminded her that the phone option still works. She might be dropping off the friend list. #letspretenditis1999 #whereismycordedphone

The level of peace and calm is at an all time high for me. I am sleeping much better. Giving undivided attention to my family, friends, and co-workers. I feel less of an urge to look at my phone or give it much attention.